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Fire Extinguisher Servicing Singapore

Why Do You Need Professional Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Each and every object in this world depreciates with time. More so, when it comes to various kinds of device, they depreciate with use. Hence, it is imperative to chalk out a maintenance plan for these devices. This makes sure that they remain in good condition at any given point in time. When it comes to fire extinguishers, effective maintenance is all the more important as they have everything to do with the safety and security of lives and properties. That is why there is always a need to have these devices checked and maintained by professionals. However, few are aware of the need for any fire extinguisher servicing in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire a professional to conduct the maintenance for you.

Ensures the accessibility of the fire extinguisher
A professional maintenance company will make sure that the device is in a location from where it can be accessed easily. It is also the duty of a maintenance company to ensure that the device is set up properly, so that it can be handled easily. Nothing should be obstructing the access to it or any parts thereof as and when needed.

Ensure the proper set-up of the fire extinguisher
A maintenance personnel also verifies whether the pull pin of your fire extinguisher is secured in a proper way within the handle. A professional will ensure that the pin is securely held in its place by a tamper seal.  They will also verify that the device does not have any cracks, rusts or dents on the shaft, which will make a difference in the performance of the device. A proper maintenance company also guarantees that the device contains a visible instruction label pasted on it, with the instructions clearly visible and understandable. It is also their responsibility to make sure that no modification has been done to the device, so much so that it hinders or affects its performance during an emergency.

Keeps the Fire Extinguisher in Working Condition
Effective maintenance of a fire extinguisher makes sure that the device runs properly at the hour of need. It is the duty of the maintenance company to make sure that fire extinguisher is adequately charged and pressurized at every given point in time, and is ready for use. Evaluation of the devices at least once a month is an absolute imperative, as a healthy device can make a lot of difference in the event of even a minor fire. An ill-maintained extinguisher can invite disaster. In the event of a minor fire break out, the extinguisher can get jammed and not work at all, allowing the ‘small’ fire to grow into a major one. The canister can explode, injuring or even putting the life of the user at stake. Moreover, it can have an adverse effect on the flames, allowing the fire to spill out of control.

The fire safety of your property is your responsibility. Apart from servicing it, the device needs to be refilled and re-pressurized should it have been used. For that, a quality maintenance company in Singapore comes into play as well.


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