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Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System, Fire Suppression System for Kitchen Hood

Why You Need a Fire Suppression System in Your Restaurant

Restaurants are usually one of the busiest places in town and they cater to the dining needs of hundreds of people in a day. Additionally, it has staff or employees working round the clock while the kitchen houses many pieces of expensive equipment. Since the majority of equipment inside a restaurant’s kitchen use fire or heat, it is the section most vulnerable to accidental fires. Thus, the safety of customers, staff, and equipment is in the hands of the restaurant owner. Every responsible restaurant owner needs to install a fire suppression system for kitchen hoods so that a breakout can be addressed and diffused quickly and effectively.

Fire extinguishers or fire blankets are effective firefighting tools but too often, people fail to use them during a fire breakout. The primary reason behind this is that many people don’t know how to use them properly. In the event of a fire, most of the employees find it difficult to gather their senses and use the fire extinguishers. However, fire suppression system for kitchen hoods can prove to be highly effective as it can operate without any human intervention. It can automatically diffuse the fire while preventing it from spreading without the assistance of human operation.

Where to install the fire suppression system for kitchen hood?
Kitchen suppression systems are usually installed inside the hoods above stoves or somewhere near where they neither take up too much space nor are they visible to the naked eye. Even if you’ve a small kitchen for your restaurant, you need not worry about the space as a fire suppression system for kitchen hood can easily fit into a small space. This equipment is designed to protect a wide range of kitchen appliances such as oven hobs, deep fat fryers, and chip pans. However, the technician who handles the installation can offer the best advice as to where you need to install the fire suppression system.

Majority of the fires in kitchen restaurants are caused by the chip pan blazing and this type of fire can be diffused by only wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression system. Only a small amount of the wet chemical agent can cover the fire and cut off the oxygen supply. Since the materials used in wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression are non-corrosive and non-toxic in nature, it won’t cause any major damage to your kitchen appliances. Some of the most important benefits of installing a fire suppression system for kitchen hood include the following:

  • Absolute safety – A wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression system can be installed in kitchens of almost every size and its quick fire-extinguishing features offer absolute safety.
  • Waterless – The wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression system fills a room with a harmless gas that’s safe for your restaurant staff as well as the appliances.
  • Efficient protection – The fire suppression system for kitchen hood is super-quick in detecting and diffusing a fire.
  • Environment-Friendly – The clean wet chemical fire suppression systems are extremely environment-friendly and don’t lead to ozone layer depletion.


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