Smoke Curtains – Necessary Equipment for every Shopping Centre

Popular shopping centres in Singapore register an average hourly footfall between 7000 and 10,000, which is projected to grow in the coming days. Now, the safety of visitors lies in the hands of the mall owners or management, who invest quite a good amount on the facilities and security management in shopping malls.  Smoke screens […]

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Singapore, Home Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Some Fire Safety Tips for Homes and Condominiums

Disasters rarely come with a warning. If you are not careful, it takes only a small spark to start a fire that can quickly turn into an inferno. Even if you happen to live in a neighbourhood known for safety and security, fire is something that you cannot completely rule out. So here are some fire […]

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Singapore, Home Fire Extinguisher Singapore

How Safe are Condos From Fires in Singapore?

Houses and condominiums in Singapore are mostly made of concrete and steel. Wood is used only for doors and windows and the structures themselves only have few things that are flammable. However, this doesn’t mean that they are totally immune from fire. As a matter of fact, condominium fires are quite common in Singapore, although […]

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Why You Need a Fire Suppression System in Your Restaurant

Restaurants are usually one of the busiest places in town and they cater to the dining needs of hundreds of people in a day. Additionally, it has staff or employees working round the clock while the kitchen houses many pieces of expensive equipment. Since the majority of equipment inside a restaurant’s kitchen use fire or […]

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Fire Emergency Preparedness for Offices

One major drawback of the recent trend of open space office environments is that smoke, toxic fumes and heat are not isolated or contained as effectively as in a closed office environment. The ever-increasing use of synthetic and highly combustible materials such as plastic furniture, rugs, vinyl-covered walls, drapes, and office equipment is another reason […]

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How to Extinguish a Fire Without Having to Call for Help

Once flames start leaping out of a fire, it can grow very quickly. But you can still put it out if it hasn’t gone out of control. When you see a fire starting anywhere in your house, the first thing you should do is try to extinguish it with whatever resources you have at your […]

Smoke Curtain

Everything You Need To Know About Smoke Curtains

The changes in building and home designs, and modern day architecture have certainly helped in creating a better and more open working or living environment. On the flip side, it has given rise to many safety challenges. One major disadvantage of using partitions instead of solid walls in modern architecture is that it has incorporated […]

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How a Smoke Curtain Prevents Disasters

The biggest hindrance during fire rescue operations is often the smoke that billows out of a building. People stuck inside a fire emergency often fail to get out of the building or take refuge in a safe corner because the thick smoke simply makes it impossible for them to see and find an exit route […]

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What is a Fire Suppression System and How Does It Work

Fire breakouts are one of the most dreaded things that could happen. It has the potential of destroying property, lives, and livelihoods. Thus, many of the commercial buildings in Singapore are equipped with automatic fire suppression systems which include a wide range of devices such as kitchen hood fire suppression systems, fire suppression systems by […]

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System, Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

Fire Prevention and Protection Tips For Restaurant Owners

  As the owner of a restaurant, it should be your priority to ensure a perfectly safe and comfortable environment for your employees and your customers. To achieve this goal, you will need to pay special attention to your kitchen area. This is because the restaurant kitchen is usually the prime source of a fire. […]