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Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Top 5 Major Benefits of Fire Shutters

If you are looking for a roller shutter, consider installing a fire shutter which is specifically designed to provide fire protection. Fire shutters are one of the most popular options when it comes to increasing fire resistance of a structure or establishment. As compared to standard shutters or fire rated doors, fire shutters have the […]

Fire Rated Metal Door Singapore

What are the Basic Dos and Don’ts of Fire?

When it comes to fire safety awareness, no one is exempted. Everyone should be knowledgeable about it. No one wants a terrible fire accident to happen; it will not hurt to take precautionary measures to be guided accordingly. This practice should be observed both in your home and your workplace. The good news is that […]

Fire Door Singapore

What Should You Do When You are Caught in a Fire Emergency?

Fire Safety is a topic most families should be well-versed in but are not often always. At the end of the day, nobody will uphold the protection of your home except you and your family members yourselves. The lack of preparation should not be something to worry about when it comes to fire-related issues. Knowledge […]

Fire Rated Timber Door Singapore

Who Should Be In-Charge of Fire Safety at a Workplace?

Fire Safety in the workplace is a crucial subject everyone has to be involved in. Usually, the owner, employer or landlord is in-charge of the fire safety in the building and is termed as the ‘responsible person’. In Singapore, public buildings from offices to private residential buildings are required to hold a Fire Certificate(FC) and […]

Fire Door Singapore

What are Some Precautions You can Take In Case of a Fire?

In the past three months, there have been at least 4 cases of fire incidents in Singapore which involved households, factories and vehicles. Luckily, there were no fatalities in these fire emergencies, though many have been injured. Nobody has complete control over the occurrence of such fire incidents. However, each and every one of us […]

Fire Protection System Singapore

Home Fire Safety: What You Should Do But Are Not Doing

The losses suffered from a fire mishap in a household is massive. Be it bodily injuries or property damages, it is a nightmare for any one. In May, a fire broke out at a Housing Board flat in Woodlands and affected the apartment above it as well. While there was no body injured, the same […]