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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Fire Resistant Roller Shutter

It is important to keep our premises secured from many hazards like fires, intruders and vandals. Having a fire resistant roller shutter is very effective in achieving all these through a single fire protection device. Fires can be extremely destructive, creating irreparable damages to properties and causing fatalities. With a fire resistant roller shutter incorporated […]

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Ways You Can Prevent Fire Mishaps In the Workplace

Every year, fire hazards cause devastating damages to workplaces, resulting in loss of properties and bodily harm. According to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), there were 506 reported fire incidents in commercial and industrial premises in Singapore in 2016. Unfortunately, most of these incidents have been discovered to be preventable. Fire protection is a collective […]

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6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can save lives and properties. They are a very important safety equipment that should be present in every building. Whether it is residential or commercial buildings, fire extinguishers form a major part of a fire protection system. Fire incidents are quite rampant and unpredictable. The Singapore Fire Statistics of 2016 carried out by […]

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The Best Features of Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Fire shutters are built to close themselves when a fire occurs through its thermal fusible connection or the fire alarm signal detection, without any requirement for battery backups or electricity. This vital life safety characteristic is important since battery backups are may sometimes malfunction and they also require frequent maintenance. The following are some of […]

Fire Rated Door Singapore Price

A Guide to Buying Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

The traditional single skin fire resisting rolling shutter usually works and appears the same way as the standard steel fire resistance shutter. The only physical difference between the two are the materials used to manufacture them. The materials employed in Standard Steel rolling fire shutter are heavier compared to the traditional shutter. The Syston doors […]

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9 Fire Protection Myths You Should Never Believe

When it comes to fire protection systems, not everything you hear, read or watch is true. There are myths and misconceptions that keep people at risk of losing properties and even their lives in the event of fire outbreaks. According to Singapore’s Fire Incident Statistic, there was an increase in fires at Shopping complexes and […]

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Simply put, a fire extinguisher is a fire protection device that can be used in putting out small fires in emergency situations. They contain different chemicals that prevents the reaction of oxygen with heat and fuel thereby preventing ignition. There are many criteria used in classifying fire extinguishers. A common classification is based on the […]

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3 Main Types of Ventilation Systems for Smoke Control

All kinds of buildings whether they are residential homes, large offices, or commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. use some type of ventilation system for smoke control. While there are many types that you can use on your property for smoke control, three types are the most common and widely used in most […]

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3 Major Applications of Smoke Control Systems

A well-engineered smoke control system is an essential part of any building because this system makes sure that in a fire emergency, smoke is led up and out of the building quickly, allowing the occupants to evacuate with minimum risk of harm as well as facilitating the work of fire service personnel. There are a […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Install Fire Shutters

All businesses are concerned about the threat of fire because it could easily become the cause of damage to building’s structure, loss of stock, or even harm employees and lead to a business crisis. Therefore, installation of the right equipment such as fire shutters is necessary to restrict potential damage by preventing the fire from […]